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Our Vision

We are really excited to be a part of God’s big vision and plan for the world. Although just one small cog, we have found that we can have a huge influence in our community and in the world through who we are and what we do. From discovering and growing in our relationship with Jesus, our eyes have been opened to the possibility of a new and better world and that’s what we are working, praying and longing for.
It all starts with getting to know Jesus and following him; finding forgiveness, meaning, purpose and new goals in life.  It’s called discipleship.
But far from keeping this something private, or limiting it behind church walls, we want to open out this new life to anyone; everyone! Therefore we want to show with our lives and share in our conversation, how you can know Jesus as well.
Finally, but just as important, is being creative partners with God in his transformation of this old world.
So in short, we simply say that our vision is:

Be disciples
make disciples
reveal the kingdom of God

Tim Jump, 03/06/2020