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Our Campus 

If you have found us online that’s great! What might be less obvious is that we have a campus of buildings which help us with some of what we do. We have The Hub, a community building we lease from Trafford Council to run lots of community engagement throughout the week. In The Hub you’ll find a café, Toddler Group, English Language classes, our CAP Debt Centre, fitness classes and lots more. We also run a listening service where people are available throughout the day to listen and pray with anyone about anything. At the moment, we are running the Altrincham Community Response project, supporting people who might need help at this time due to COVID.
We also have our Hale Road ‘church’ building. This too is made available to serve the community throughout the week. It’s also the place we gather on Sunday mornings  and provides a wonderful space to meet friends and worship God.

The two buildings are only 200m apart and despite the temptation to dig a tunnel (or invent a teleporter) we’re often seen hopping back and forward as the team works together.

Tim Jump, 16/07/2020